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Google hands out 400,000 Manual Penalties each month. And to each and every one of those sites, the effects can be devastating. Google managers say they are just protecting the experience for consumers, but you probably didn't even know you did anything wrong!

Manual Penalties usually come from link spamming, or at least one of the myriad of ways Google defines link spamming. Very simply, you have some links back to your site that Google does not feel are appropriate.

How can you KNOW what Google is actually upset about? What can you DO to correct this?
And HOW can you get mighty Google to reconsider and
REMOVE your Penalty?

We're experts at this. If you are currently suffering the devastating effects of a Google Manual Penalty, we can find out WHY you got it and quickly go to work CORRECTING the problem so your Penalty is removed. But first there is a very particular and difficult maze you must maneuver. That's where we come in.

Penalty removal must be done with great care and insider knowledge. We know the methods Google demands for removal. Violate just one of these accepted standards and Google will ignore your request with no notice of WHY you are being ignored.

What's really frustrating is MOST sites got hit with a Penalty after following what they thought were the rules. In many cases it was a misguided SEO professional who established the questionable links that triggered the Manual Penalty.

Why put yourself through the agony? Trying to get a penalty removed can be one of life's most agonizing experiences. With each day that passes, your site is languishing in forced obscurity. Your sales are drying up, probably while expenses are mounting.

We take the very careful steps needed to successfully petition Google for penalty removal. We will FIND the exact links that are offending Google, have them removed or disavowed, then show solid evidence of that removal (or effort to remove) that Google needs to reconsider your Penalty.

Google Manual Penalty Removal Done RIGHT!

Here is the professional service you need to have your site's penalty removed fast. We do the analysis, correction, and communication that is necessary to FIX the problem. This is not a task for the novice. You need seasoned penalty removal experts to give their full and immediate attention to the task. We're the experts you need NOW!

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