SEO Package FAQ
SEO Audit Definition

A thorough SEO Audit is essential to ensuring a website is adhering to current best practices and procedures. Healthy websites benefit by maintaining their web presence and organic search results while struggling websites typically notice drastic improvements in page rankings.

An SEO Audit analyzes the technical structure of a website, checking to ensure that the site map, architecture, navigation and performance make it accessible and indexable. The website's ranking factors are also considered based on current, relevant content, competitiveness and search engine penalties. A final actionable report is issued outlining distinct, achievable priorities and a future wish list to improve SEO practices.

On Page Optimization Definition

On Page Optimization is a set of techniques used to increase website rankings in search engine results as well as to improve overall readability. Its role is to support relevant content by making it more visible to search engines and interesting to readers.

Every webpage needs a strong title tag and clear Meta description since this is the clickable headline and two lines of text that appear on search results. Websites win the click by making these sections interesting yet informative. Pages that include Meta tags, HTML tags, properly placed keywords and relevant outbound links also tend to perform better in search rankings.

Keyword Analysis definition

Keyword analysis is determining which exact words appear most often in the questions that your target audience enters into their online searches. Keywords with the highest rankings are those that people use the most frequently when searching, and by utilizing these keywords on your website's landing page, the website gains more traffic from all search engines to attract more potential customers and sales.

Keywords are especially valuable when other websites haven't already overused them because they have less competition in search-engine result rankings. Without a thorough keyword analysis beforehand of which keywords are most relevant to that website, the content of a webpage is unlikely to capture public interest.

Internal link building

Internal links help the user navigate between two pages on the same domain. Internal linking can provide organization and help users browse through the pages on a website. Additionally, internal link building is one method of optimizing a website for search engines.

A navigable structure of internal links can help search engines see and list all of the content-rich pages on a website. If search engines are not able to use the main navigation to access all of the pages on a website, it is unlikely that those pages of content will be listed by search engines.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration refers to applying the popular Internet traffic service to a personal website, phone system, or something else for the purpose of keeping track of user activity. Understanding user activity promotes changes that can boost leads, sales, and profit.

Integrating Analytics into a blog or company site allows owners to view the number of visitors to certain pages. Integrating the same service into a corporate phone system displays phone records in the form of an Analytics report, after installing the required third-party software or hardware. Basic integration into a website refers to the initial installation via coding or scripts. Some people refer to integration as using Analytics with a compatible service, such as Google AdWords.

Google Local

Google+ Local provides a variety of information about shops, eateries, service providers and other businesses. When people search for nearby products or services, this data normally appears above the standard results. It includes ratings, reviews, contact details and hours. Google also displays a street map that identifies each firm's location.

Companies often benefit from creating or updating business profiles on Google+ Local. This boosts their visibility in search results and makes it easier for potential clients to contact them. It's particularly important for small enterprises that focus on serving nearby customers, such as book stores, hair salons and real estate agencies.

Link Building

Link building is the practice of increasing the amount of inbound links to a website for the purposes of search-engine optimization (SEO). While the amount of links once played a crucial role, search-engine algorithms have grown in complexity in recent years. They are now better able to look for legitimate mentions of a website and check the authority of the source. It was once possible to use unethical methods to spam forums and blogs with links, but those days are over.

The intelligence of web crawlers has dramatically increased since the 1990s, which suggests it will continue to increase. Quality inbound links are now required to ensure high-ranking search results, and the system will become even more sophisticated in the future.

Search Diagnostics and Fixes

Many websites contain technical errors that cause problems when search engine spiders crawl their pages. These flaws may exist in HTML codes, robots.txt instructions, URLs or other Web page components. For example, broken links can trigger 404 errors during crawl sessions. Such problems also include missing META tags, excessive numbers of links and robots.txt files that block spiders.

Search marketers and webmasters often diagnose technical SEO issues by running specialized software that scans websites for errors. After identifying the mistakes that need to be fixed, these professionals modify or add the necessary codes. This can produce a substantial increase in search engine traffic.

Webmaster Tools Monitoring

Google Webmaster Tools shows the overall health of your site. It will list any errors that need fixing, pages that need corrections and problems that Google has crawling your site. It also shows details of your web traffic. It’s an essential part of seo and we will monitor the data in Webmaster Tools for your website so that any errors that arise can be fixed quickly before they create any issues.


Co-citation is an advanced seo practice whereby we look at the content on your website and link out to other relevant, high quality sites that complement your content. This shows the search engines that your site is part of a ‘good neighbourhood’ and therefore more trustworthy.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a map of your website showing all the pages, it is not seen by any visitors.. It is very simple and is just for the search engines to use to see which pages they should crawl and index. Despite being simple, it is very important that it is constructed correctly so that the search engines crawl through your website without any errors.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a map of your website showing all the pages, it is not seen by any visitors.. It is very simple and is just for the search engines to use to see which pages they should crawl and index. Despite being simple, it is very important that it is constructed correctly so that the search engines crawl through your website without any errors.

Professional Press Release

We will write and distribute a web based press release for your business and website. The release will be distributed to Google News, Yahoo News and many top news outlets.

Monthly Ranking Report

Each Month you will receive a rich, easy to read monthly ranking report, showing the rank of your main keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo.